Tourism Initiatives


Tennessee Songwriters Week

A statewide celebration of the craft that put Tennessee on the map, recognizing legendary songwriters and giving songwriters who are building their careers the chance to perform their original work on stages across the state.

2020-2022 Co-op Options

Partners will work directly with the provider of the co-op offering(s) they wish to participate in. All programs include campaign management, reporting and support from the provider.

Tennessee Music Pathways

A program identifying, interpreting, promoting and preserving a broad perspective of Tennessee music events, locations and stories.

Discover Trails & Byways

Sixteeen self-guided driving trails and five National Scenic Byways designed to extend the stay of our visitors by showcasing points if interest in each county.

Adventure Tourism

The program is designed to identify the category and help businesses in the classification gain a foothold in rural areas by promoting outdoor recreational opportunities.

Civil War Trails

A trail program connecting visitors to Civil War sites across Tennessee through interpretive markers and a map guide.

Retire Tennessee

Consisting of rural and urban communities that meet the state’s criteria of providing the resources and amenities needed to be a viable retirement destination.

Tennessee 250th

The commission promotes an inclusive statewide celebration and educational commemoration of America’s 250th by interpreting and preserving Tennessee’s unique stories, objects, landmarks, and places across our diverse state that defined who we are as Tennesseans and Americans.